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Three Reasons Why Women Over 50 Should Take Probiotics

A diet rich in probiotics is beneficial for everyone’s health, however it is especially important for women over the age of Fifty.

There is so much information out there surrounding probiotics that it is often hard to distinguish what information is true and what is best ignored.

The truth of the matter is, that ingesting probiotics, either through your diet or by taking supplements, has some great health benefits.

As we age it is even more imperative to look after our health and well-being.  With ageing comes the susceptibility of age-related conditions, so eating a diet rich in healthy foods and plenty of gentle exercise is very important.  Probiotics may also be food for thought!

If you are on the fence as to whether probiotics are for you, then below are three reasons why every woman over Fifty should be taking probiotics!

Leanne & Fitness Tips Say:

Improved gut health

The number one benefit of having probiotics in your diet is how beneficial they are in improving gut health.  The digestive system is made up of good bacteria and bad bacteria.  When this is not in balance, there is a far greater chance of stomach disturbances such as diarrhoea, bloating, excess gas and stomach pain.

If this imbalance occurs over a long period of time, it can lead to more sinister issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

By regularly taking a probiotic supplement or incorporating probiotics into your daily diet, you can aid in balancing out the good versus bad bacteria and steer clear of problematic gut issues.  Research has shown that as we age, the balance of bacteria in our gut is affected.  The more you do to balance this out and create a better environment, the less chance you have of developing issues.

Improved immune system function

Did you know that nearly three quarters of the immune system is found in the digestive system?  For this reason, and this reason alone, it is a no brainer that it is important to ensure quality and smooth function in this area of the body as it is vital for overall health and well-being.

It’s really quite simple.  If you have good bacteria fighting against the bad then this will lead to being less susceptible to things like the common cold, influenza outbreaks, and general viruses.

Improved brain health

When it comes to the brain and memory, there are conditions that are purely age-related, and these conditions are not pleasant to think about.  However, if you want to live a healthy and active life as you get older, then brain health is something that should be addressed.

It is a known fact that consuming omega 3 and fatty acids aid in healthy brain function, and it could even help in reducing the chances of Alzheimers or dementia.  Studies have shown that there is a definite link between gut health and healthy brain function.  Since 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, the digestive system is often referred to as the ‘second’ brain of the body.

The gut is directly affected by the brain, especially when something stressful is going on.  This is often why you find yourself with an upset stomach in trying times.  In addition, conditions such as IBS can lead to bouts of depression or anxiety.  So, for the reasons outlined, it is very important to create a healthy digestive system as this has a positive knock-on effect to the healthy functioning of the brain.

Choosing the right probiotic

There really are only two options here;  Increase probiotic content into your diet or opt for a daily supplement.  Be aware that it can often prove difficult to find foods that contain high amounts of probiotics.  Yoghurt is the obvious choice, however nobody really knows how much probiotic is found in yoghurt and how much is needed, so a lot more study is needed to determine this.

Other foods such as sauerkraut, fermented foods and buttermilk are known to contain probiotics.  If you struggle to incorporate these types of foods into your daily diet, then a supplement may be your best option. If that is the case be sure to shop around.  Read reviews and chat to others.  The health supplement industry is not regulated, so it is more important than ever to do your research!

Another important factor is to check with your Doctor before incorporating probiotics into your daily diet.  This is to check that you have no real contradictions healthwise.

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