90-Day Fitness Forever Online Program



This program will help you take action, no matter how small the step is, week by week.  We have 90 days to make some incredible changes to your body and to your overall health that can be totally life changing for you. What does your success story look like?

  • Weekly accountability tools
  • Dietary guidelines to transform your eating
  • Healthy recipes you’ll love
  • Equipment free fitness programs tailored specifically for women by award winning personal trainer Leanne Sklavenitis
  • Train in the privacy of your own home
  • Tips and techniques to bring calm to your life
  • PLUS unrestricted access to the Fitness Tips Health Hub


As a woman over forty there are so many changes happening to our bodies both inside and out. Many of these changes can prevent you from leading the lifestyle you want. 

You have had enough, and are now ready to be guided week by week to make the changes necessary to live and be the person you have always wanted. Take action to achieve your goals for a fulfilling life: 

  • Lose weight 
  • Have more self confidence 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Learn to use affirmations in your daily life to help you achieve your goals
  • Eliminate sugar cravings forever! 
  • Get the toned body you always wanted
  • Lead a stress free life
  • Eliminate self sabotage 
  • Learn how to handle the hormone highway and cope with peri-menopause and menopause
  • Effectively meal plan
  • Yummy and simple recipes to try 
  • Use meditation to create calmness in your life
  • Healthy nutrition information to guide you to feeling fabulous 
  • Incorporate interval training for weight loss and muscle tone 
  • Learn how to love yourself and create the lifestyle you want 
  • Boost your metabolism as you age
  • Learn how to stick to good habits long term

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