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We help women over forty feel fit and fabulous by offering online programs that boost metabolism and mindset.

Get access to the right health information that is relevant to you no matter whether you are forty, fifty, sixty or older. Gain the confidence you might have lost over the years, feel fabulous in your own skin and feel fitter than you ever have before. Join a community of like minded women that all want to feel amazing.

What do we focus on?


Over the years things change from being out of the work force, bringing up children with no time to yourself. Your body is changing, there is pressure to look good and feel good. You feel stressed and unmotivated to do anything. Even looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see is disappointing. Here at Fitness Tips we focus on fixing mindset, provide tools on how to feel fabulous , have time for yourself be stress free and feel amazing.


Love it or hate it exercise is so important in daily life. As we age our bodies are changing, our metabolism is slowing, we may have injuries and conditions to consider. What are the best exercises to do? What is the best fitness regime to follow if you are forty, fifty, sixty or beyond? We will give you the answers and provide the best workouts to do to feel fit, boost metabolism and feel great.


Are you eating well and still putting on weight? Have you tried every diet possible, lost weight and then put the weight back on and more? You read so much conflicting information about what is healthy and what isn’t? We will dispel the myths of what to eat and when. We also have a huge collection of recipes for you to enjoy if you join our tribe of amazing women.

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