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As a sports person or athlete, a knee injury can put you on the side lines for the whole sporting season and sometimes for as long as a year. Whether you are the sports person, coach or parent, it is important to understand the goals in preventing a knee injury in the first place. Really, the best strategies and guidelines in prevention come from leading science reports, guidelines set out by the coach and athlete together and a strong medical team. Evidence suggests that is very important for the athlete to complete the program that has been put together for them several times a week for 20 minutes and should exercise for 30 minutes weekly.

To see and feel results, experts say that the program should be routinely carried out before and during the season.

Fitness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

Exercises to prevent knee injury

  • Dynamic stretches or flexibility drills for the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors, hip flexors and calf muscles.
  • Running drills such as forward and backward running, zigzag running and bounding.
  • Strength training such as double and single leg squats, lunges and hamstring exercises.
  • Core strength exercises such as planks and bridges
  • Single leg hopping backwards and forwards

Programs should be should be customized to suit the demand of the sport and the athletes capabilities.

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