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The baby boomers…generally aged between 53 and 71 years old. Increasingly, this age group is wanting to grab the second half of their life by the horns and live an active and energetic life. However, years of sitting at desks and driving has possibly caused forward-head misalignment, hunched posture and a stretched or weak back.

Certain exercises can help to lessen the chance of developing more severe problems from these physical challenges.

Fitness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

Choose a no-crunch Ab workout. Select exercises that do not involve the age old ‘crunch’. Baby boomers do not need any more reason to forward-round their bodies. Find exercises that require the head to stay on the mat or provide little to no opportunity to forward flex the neck. Some good example are;

  • Planking
  • Reverse curl
  • Reverse curl with oblique rotation

Activate the back! Exercises that focus on glutes, hamstrings and back muscles. Try to use the pectorals, anterior deltoids and hip flexors.

Add standing balancing moves. As we get older our balance is compromised, which could lead to falls. For this reason it is important to add some balancing exercises to your routine.

  • Wide-stance staggered (one foot forward to the other, though not lined up) to
  • Wide-stance parallel (most common) to
  • Narrow stance staggered to
  • Narrow stance parallel (feet and inner thighs touching) to
  • Feet in one line but now heel to toe (i.e., space between front and back foot) to
  • Tandem stance (feet lined up one in front of the other, heel to toe, more challenging) to
  • One foot resting on top of the other or one leg lifted (most challenging)

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