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Getting enough sleep of a night is crucial to keeping our stress levels at bay and our energy levels where they should be. Not getting enough sleep can lead to chronic stress which in turn elevates cortisol levels in the body, playing havoc with the natural sleep cycle. This leaves us mentally drained and less able to make a change to our bad sleeping pattern. When a person has not had enough sleep and in turn are very stressed, it is difficult for them to focus on their everyday lives as the brain is preoccupied with coping with stress.

FItness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

What can you do to get back on track and get those zzzzzz’s? Report your daily rising time, your bedtime, total amount of sleep and sleep disruptions for a whole week. If you address these findings and understand where your sleep pattern is going wrong, then you may find changes in other areas of your health and mental behaviours. Identifying the causes and finding solutions is the first step to reducing your stress levels. So, turn off all distractions such as television and mobile phones. Get into bed at a reasonable hour and try to switch off and have yourself a good night’s sleep!

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