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According to research from the Journal of Women & Ageing, the percentage of women aged 50+ who are satisfied with their body image is quite low.  The research was based on information taken from 1,789 women who reported body-size satisfaction on a figure rating scale.  Upsettingly, only 12.2% of participants were satisfied with their bodies.

Women who are satisfied with their bodies show to have a lower body mass index and were found to have fewer eating disorder traits, behaviour surrounding dieting, and weight and appearance dissatisfaction.

Research also noted that women who are satisfied with their bodies tend to exercise more than those who are not satisfied, and that shape and weight of their bodies were components of self-evaluation.

Leanne and Fitness Tips Say:

So, what are some tactics to help women over the age of Fifty improve their self-satisfaction?

  • Write down Self-Declarations, in other words, personal positive affirmations.  This involves writing down who you believe you truly are, or, who you would like to believe you are.  It isn’t important whether you believe what you are writing at the time.  What is important, and more to the point, is that this method overwrites old and negative self-beliefs.
  • It is important to understand that the photos and images that we see online and in magazines are not a true representation of the subject we are comparing ourselves with.  The air brushing and work behind the scenes that goes into producing such images is immense and we should bring ourselves back to reality by realizing this.
  • Ask yourself reflective and daunting questions such as; ‘At the end of my life, what do I want to be known for?’ What kind of person were you?  How much time was wasted worrying about losing weight, your belly bulge or the wrinkles forming on your face?  Reflect on how much time you spend on negative thought patterns like these when you could be spending your time on much more valuable things.
  • Make yourself accountable.  When negative thoughts creep into your mind and bad self-talk rears its ugly head, force yourself to get down and do twenty push-ups or sit-ups.  You will soon start turning those thoughts into positive affirmations about your body image and you will experience a great change in your mind-set.

If you are practicing a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise, then it is time to start loving the body you have been given.  Look after it and be proud of bounding into later life with the wonderful body that you live in!

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