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We all realise that we work out to look good, feel good and to function well, but we often forget about our skin and that we need essential nutrients to ward off premature ageing and skin disorders. Starving our bodies of nutrients can be shown in the form of cellulite, acne, dry, dull skin as well as other skin complaints. Vitamins, minerals, protein and fats are all used to make up our skin. They also regulate oil production in the skin and help create collagen which makes our skin look smooth. Collagen is constantly being renewed and does not stay once it has been formed. It is constantly being repaired and renewed and needs a consistent source of nutrients and proteins to be able to do this. Without these important nutrients, the skin and blood vessels become fragile and the skin ageing process accelerates. Let’s look at what is needed to slow this process down!

Fitness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

Collagen is made up of several amino acids which are supplied by foods containing protein. This includes fish, eggs, meats and legumes. To be successful in collagen forming in the skin, protein needs assistance with Vitamin C, iron and manganese. The recommended daily intake in Australia is 64 grams of protein for men, 46 grams for women, and 65 grams if pregnant or breastfeeding, and higher if you are an athlete.

Iron is a mineral and is largely supplied by red meat and wholegrain cereals. It is a requirement for proper collagen formation in the skin. The thing is, a lot of health regimes and diets eliminate red meat and grains, trying to decrease the unsaturated fats and wheat gluten which is hard to digest. Red meat is also known to cause either an over production or under production of oils within the skin and can actually increase the chance of acne and wrinkles. Taking red meat out of your diet can assist with these conditions. In Australia, the most common deficiency is iron. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are getting enough iron in your diet, especially for women, vegetarians or vegans.

Zinc is another mineral that is needed for collagen production and helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and acne. Signs that you are lacking in this important mineral include acne, complications in pregnancy, impaired growth and immunity, hair loss, poor appetite, impotency and skin lesions. Thinks that can cause zinc deficiency are frequent alcohol consumption, during growth spurts or when ill. Zinc supplements can help if you are prone to low levels of zinc.

Whilst Calcium does promote youth in the skin, for a lot of people it may be best to take in a supplement form. This is because the top source of calcium is found in dairy products, which can actually contribute to skin issues such as acne, eczema and cellulite.

So, for healthy, glowing, youthful skin, start putting the nutrients we all need into your body!!

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