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It seems that when it comes to eating, we are constantly being told what not to eat and what we should be eating in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable and healthy weight.  It is rare that anyone actually talks about how to eat.  There have been many studies showing that eating off a smaller plate, drinking from a smaller cup and using smaller utensils can assist in losing weight and you don’t have to really think about it too much!

There are other ways that can help in losing unwanted weight and keeping a food journal is a wonderful tool to document any observations. Using small utensils etc is not realistic for the rest of your life, however experimenting for a while with the following tips may just teach a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Leanne and Fitness Tips Say:

  • Chopsticks.  Don’t think that chopsticks are only used for your stir-fry or noodles.  Use them for any meal.  Unless you are a real pro at using them, they may just slow your eating a significant amount.
  • Eyes Wide Shut.  This is one you should really try.  A Swedish study has discovered that people who wore a blindfold whilst eating at 22% less on average!
  • Switch It Up.  For a bit of a change, switch it up!  Eat with your nondominant hand.  Again, the lack of proficiency will slow down
  • Bite-size Pieces.  Foods such as bagels, sandwiches, wraps, protein bars and burgers can be cut into bite-size pieces.  That way you may not eat the whole amount.
  • One Piece At a Time.  Make sure to portion out snack foods too.  Popcorn, pretzels etc and eat one piece of food at a time only.

It’s important to mix things up and think outside the box when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.  If you are having trouble thinking of new and interesting ways to look at your food intake, try some of the above tips.

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