The Easy To Follow Food Plan That Works – eBook


The Easy To Follow Food Plan That Works – eBook

Have you ever been frustrated with what to eat? How much? When?

This simple e-book answers all of those questions and is easy to follow!



The Easy To Follow Food Plan That Works has been written to take the thinking out of your day as you ask yourself “I just want to know what to eat!!”

For more than 30 years Leanne Sklavenitis has been helping people to achieve their goals, lose weight and feel great simply by making changes to the food and drink that they eat each day. Sometimes it is only a few small changes that are needed to achieve the weight loss required.

It is actually far easier to lose weight than many people think! After constant questions from clients it is time to give you the answers right here. This book was put together so you will never have to go back to yo yo dieting, pigging out or feeling guilty about food. Yes, you may have to get out of your comfort zone, so be prepared to make a few changes in your life but if the result is to feel fitter and healthier and lose some weight FOREVER then your efforts will be well rewarded.

Before you start on the Food Plan contained in this book, there are 13 critical tips in relation to food and our relationship with food to help you understand why the Food Plan has been put together the way it has.

There are also Food Plan variations and a Daily Food Diary showing what an excellent day looks like, plus some blank Daily Food /Exercise Diary pages so you can start your journey.

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