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International Day of Happiness is a global celebration to create a happier and kinder world, together. With our world currently facing unprecedented challenges, International Day of Happiness reminds us wellbeing matters more than ever.

Time to get Happy!

Life often throws you a curveball and things feel uncertain. It can be all too easy to let negative thoughts enter your head and this can see your mood quickly decline. It’s time to take control of your own happiness!  Rather than waiting for happiness to come to you, and focus on getting into a positive headspace.

We are all too familiar with the concept of practicing healthy eating habits, or getting back to the gym.  Yet, we rarely put the same amount of effort into creating happiness building habits. Although habits can take a little time to develop, with some effort and self-discipline, you will find that happiness is easy to achieve if you follow some simple tips.

Leanne and Fitness Tips Say:

Have a strategy in place

It is important to have an understanding of when it is that you usually enter into negative behaviour and what it is that triggers it. Put in place a plan to change that behaviour when it arises. We are creatures of habit. Often we are not conscious about engaging in certain behaviours, good or bad. If we can ascertain the circumstances that have us reverting to ‘old’ behaviours, we are in a better position to prevent it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work every time. Reward yourself when you do turn negative thoughts around and know that you are training yourself to change negative thought patterns!

Beauty doesn’t equal happiness

The fact of the matter is, ‘beautiful’ people are not necessarily happier than the rest of us. Unhappiness falls upon everyone at some stage in our lives. Think having the latest trend in clothing or being the ‘perfect’ weight and height, will bring happiness? It doesn’t! Unless you are grossly over or underweight, it is time to start accepting all aspects that make ‘you’ who you are.

Love yourself

Research shows those of us who are truly happy generally have more friends and build supportive and loving relationships. More often than not they spend time surrounding themselves with happy people. This is not purely about the other person. Understanding what makes you as a person tick, and what your needs and style of communication are is just as important as learning to convey your affection and emotions as well as building trust. Solid and long lasting relationships do not just happen. They require a certain amount of investment and looking after.

Act like a child

Of course as adults we have a lot of responsibilities with work, family, and keeping the house and bills in order. But what would it be like if every now and again we approached our day as young children do? Approaching the day as an opportunity to have fun! Children expect each day to be fun and exciting and HAPPY, so we should try it too! Adults have the ability to over analyse and overthink things. This makes life more difficult than it needs to be.

Finding and feeling happiness does not come from worrying about your problems and trying to solve them. Happiness is a state of mind with which you confront your problems and train the mind to think and behave positively. Read more about How To Be Positive And Have An Awesome Day! here.

xx Leanne

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