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Basically, keeping hydrated is quite simple. Feeling thirsty? Drink something. About to go into an important meeting or deliver a speech? Take some water in with you. Despite these simple answers to keeping hydrated, there is a huge amount of misleading information that leaves a lot of people confused.

Eight glasses of water a day or not? Drink before you feel thirsty, or wait until that thirst hits you? Love your coffee, but wonder whether it dehydrates you? Knowing the answers to these questions is very important seeing as hydration is key to keeping healthy and on top of your performance. We know that water is necessary for our overall wellness. Water transports nutrients to your cells and takes waste away from them. So let’s delve below the surface of some myths and uncover the facts about hydration!

Fitness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

Myth: Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day 

Truth: You do need a healthy amount of water daily, but just how much is dependant on the individual. The Australian Dietary Guidelines do not recommend a certain amount of hydration as a person’s requirements at any one time will vary on physical activity, climate and the individual body. The Institute of Medicineguidelines are more specific. They recommend 2.7 Litres per day for women and 3.7 for men. Ultimately, studies show that most of us are meeting our daily hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide.

Myth: Pee Clear to be Hydrated 

Truth: Believing that your pee needs to be clear is a bit excessive. As long as it is pale yellow in colour, almost like lemonade, then you are hydrated. If it is completely clear, that’s fine, but would suggest that you are full full full of water. What is going in to the body is coming out, which is a good sign.

Myth: Caffeine Dehydrates You 

Truth: So, caffeine does provide a performance boosting edge, people think that it also acts as a diuretic. This isn’t exactly true though. Recent research has shown that a caffeine dose between 250 and 300 milligrams (approx. 5 to 6 cups of coffee), will only slightly increase urine output for about three hours after consuming it. This, however, does not mean that you pee more than you are putting in.

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