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Can You Lose weight without Exercise?

The answer is yes. The question is How to lose weight without exercise!

Here is the #1 way:

Cut out the SUGAR! It is that simple.

What would happen if you would go 30 days without sugar? Would that be a stretch?

Would you get headaches? Here is an awesome video on what happens to your body when you give up sugar!

This video has 15 MILLION views. What that says is that society is hooked on sugar!

How To Lose Weight Fast

Want to do it fast – then give it all up over 2 weeks

Want to lose weight semi fast – Give up just soda for a month. Do not change anything else.

Weigh yourself at the beginning and at the end. You will be amazed. This is a great first step in getting off sugar.

lose weight without exercise

The average soda has about 44g of sugar in it.

44g is just under 11 teaspoons of sugar! We should all be aiming at no more than 10 teaspoons a day!

If you’re not a soda drinker, then look at what you consume and find the biggest culprit.

This could be

Fruit juices – Tea/coffee – Cereals – Breads

Exercise is a very important component in all around health, but if you want to lose weight without exercising, this is a good place to start.

Once you shed some of the weight, it may be easier for you to get into exercising!


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