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We all feel stressed or anxious at different times of our lives. Whether we are having to deliver a speech in front of a room full of people, sing in a Karaoke competition or run that half marathon that we have been training for. The usual advice would be to take a deep breath, think calming thoughts and try to get through the feelings of stress. In recent studies made by a Harvard Business School, surprisingly, trying these strategies did not reduce anxiety or stress. In actual fact, it highlights the gap between how people feel and how they think they should be feeling. So, what are we meant to do with these feelings of anxiousness and stress?

Fitness Tips & Healthy Harry Says: 

Embrace the Energy of Stress! Take you frustrations, anxiety or adrenaline and let it become the energy that helps you get through the task at hand. If that is a workout then let the energy help get you fitter, stronger and faster.

If you feel your heart pounding think of it as your heart getting stronger. Are you breathing faster? That’s ok! Take in that oxygen and fuel your body.

Think of Past Experiences and How You Have Grown! Think of past experiences that have been challenging. How did you get through? Use the strategies that helped you grow stronger and draw on them now! You will gain confidence and feel change just as you did in the past.

Make It Bigger Than Just You! When something challenging comes your way why not dedicate what you have to do to someone you love or care about, or a charity? Think of their purpose and importance. Take the stress away from your performance and focus on something or someone close to your heart. You will feel strength through this and will feel the stress and anxiety slip away as you take the focus away from yourself and make it bigger than just you!

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