When Does Obesity Start?

When Does Obesity Start?

The Shocking Truth

Yes, it is shocking. Having the opportunity to travel within the USA, I have seen many interesting dimensions to the obesity problem. I have seen adults that could not fit on a regular chair to kids struggling just to walk a flight of stairs.

Where does this all begin. I submit to you that it begins with children under the age of 5. I have witnessed parents giving soda and french fries to their babies (yes, babies) at the local hamburger place. After all, they are kids meals …right?

What is alarming though is a scenario that I witnessed at a theme park. A child, obviously under 5, was playing with this 64 oz cup of soda for a long time. She was also sipping from it as she played. Where were the parents? having a conversation right next to her. Not a care in the world as to what she was up to.

This isn’t the first instance of parents ignoring their children or giving them soda I have seen. It is all over. What is worse is that the parents are setting these kids up to be sugar addicts and eventually, obese teens and adults.

It is quite alarming how many overweight teens and adults were at the park that day. Any wonder.

As parents, we should set our kids on the right path. No amount of government funded education on obesity is going to make up for the lack of good parenting. Plus, by the time they get to school, their habits are set. SO much for healthy school lunch!

Society and the government can’t just keep putting their heads in the sand and hoping that the obesity problem goes away!