Shamrock Sugar Shake

Shamrock Sugar Shake

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Wow wee. Talk about a sugar buzz. Whatever happened to McDonald’s creating a sensible diet for people. You know, they put apples in the Happy Meal and give you the option of water. (like that never existed before they thought of it)

The Shamrock Shake has been around in the USA for at least 37 years. I wonder how much sugar was in it back in the day? Would love to find out. Now I’m all for having some latitude in dieting and not starving yourself or denying a few simple pleasures. But the fact of the matter is this, give this shake to your kid and he or she may be wired for a month (or two).

How about an adult? This simple diversion is massive. According to the all knowing Google, you have to run 53 minutes to burn off this 350 calorie wonder of modern sugar. Oh, and lump that together with the fries and burger and you should be running a half marathon.

Choices. Choices. Know the facts before you give in to your inner child or your 6 year old that is screaming she wants a ramrock shrake!

My good friend Jerry Clark said life is made up of ether simple disciplines or simple errors in judgement.

Make a simple discipline of saying no to Shamrocks!