Focus On Gaining Health

Focus On Gaining Health

Start Looking At The Positive Side Of The Coin

Lose Weight. Weight Loss. Diets. These are the main focuses of the majority of people that are actually looking to get healthy! The problem is in our subconscious.

Our subconscious only looks at literal words like “lose” “loss”, and weight. The job of our subconscious is to bring what it is programmed with into reality. Unfortunately, an example is people’s battle with cancer. You see it over and over again, insert name has lost their battle with cancer. Your subconscious focuses on cancer. Very few people seem to “win” the battle.

Same way with weight loss. How many people really are successful in the LONG term? So, to flip the switch, focus on gaining health!

When people ask you why you are working out or eating what you eat, just say I am gaining health!

When you work out, tell yourself over and over that you are gaining health!

Words mean something and using the positive words make a big difference. Once you program your subconscious that you are gaining health, it will help bring health into your reality.

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Leanne Sklavenitis