Do Not Resolve To Lose Weight

Why You Should Not Resolve To Lose Weight

Here we are again. Another year passed and a new set of resolutions to make.

Does it really make sense to resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, or eat better? No way! Why?

The main reason is that all of these things are a “result”, not a behavior. In order to get a result, we have to perform a certain behavior.



Furthermore, in order to perform a consistent behavior, we have to have the correct mindset to prompt us into completing that behavior. You see, most people are trying to get a new result with the same type of behavior that got them their existing (and bad) result!

What then, shall we do? Change our mindset around the issues. If the issue is weight, look at:

1.) Why do I really eat junk food? What are your feelings?

2.) What are some triggers that make me want to eat? How do you feel?

3.) Look at what makes you stressed and look at reducing them

4.) Write these things down for 30 days and you will see a pattern.

In particular, you will see patterns of thoughts and also self talk.

How do you talk to yourself about these issues?

When you change these mindset patterns, it will be easier to change your behaviors and you won’t reach for the bad choices or you may find you actually want to exercise!

Focus on mindset! Perform better behaviors. Get better results!
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