Why Whey Protein

Why Whey Protein

Navigating the protein store can be very confusing at best.

Protein is a vital part of your diet and is used by your body mostly to build muscle. Here are the benefits of using whey protein:

  • It can be absorbed faster than other types of protein
  • It contains an incredible amount of amino acids
  • Studies show it can help build muscle and also reduce fat
  • It keeps you fuller longer (reducing the urge to snack on those things we all shouldn’t!)
  • Help reduce blood pressure
  • Effective in stimulating growth in humans (Human breast milk is 60% whey)
  • Convenient to mix with just water!


It is best taken after a workout to help your muscles recover. Always look for the brand that contains less sugars, as most whey protein is flavored because, on it’s own, it doesn’t taste very good!

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